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Biz Kidz Expo

MY Architectural Glass Partners With Local Biz Kidz Expo Event

MY Architectural Glass partners with local Biz Kidz Expo Event

Top Notch University – School of Entrepreneurship is proud to announce that the Biz Kidz Expo event is happening on Saturday, October 22, 2022, at the Miromar Outlets in Estero, Florida, from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm.

If your child has a business idea or entrepreneurial dream, this event will showcase those ideas and provide a successful starting point. This event will feature children ages 7-17 who will have an opportunity to present their business idea, sell their products and services to the public and pitch their business to a panel of judges representing some SWFL leading companies, such as MY Shower Door and MY Architectural Glass.

Every participant will also receive coaching sessions with a business mentor. The first, second, and third-place winners will receive prize money to help make their entrepreneurial dreams come true. We have $5,000 dollars of prize money donated to give to the best business ideas.

The cost for kids to register is $35; participants can learn more about the event and register online at Business sponsorship packages and the opportunity to mentor a child are also available to area businesses that wish to participate.

For more information about becoming a sponsor, visit, or contact JD Ribali at 239.675.1235 or

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D3 Glass Finalist GrowFL Companies

D3 Glass Named as Finalist for 12th Annual GrowFL Companies to Watch

D3 Glass Named as Finalist for 12th Annual GrowFL Companies to Watch

D3 Glass, a glass fabricator based out of Fort Myers, Fla., was named a finalist for the 12th Annual GrowFL Florida Companies to Watch in 2022.

The award celebrates second-stage entrepreneurs and recognizes companies throughout Florida for their contributions to the community, creating good jobs, and developing quality products and services.

“What an honor to be recognized as a GrowFL finalist. We have seen continuous growth even during challenging times and I believe it is due to our commitment to our customers and our community, our dedicated team, and our ability to adjust and innovate. We started as a shower door showroom and have grown into custom glass manufacturing and installation services across the country. I couldn’t be prouder of our team and their dedication to our clients and the community.”

~ Bill Daubmann, President and Founder of MY Shower Door & D3 Glass

The GrowFL finalists were selected from around 300 nominations across Florida.

Finalists will now be in the running to be named a GrowFL company to watch honoree. If a company is announced as an honoree, it will then join the ranks of 550 second-stage companies across Florida that have been recognized since 2011.

The award is a way to honor second-stage companies that demonstrate high performance in the marketplace with innovative strategies and processes. In addition to evaluating past growth and projected success, applicant companies are judged according to their special strengths and impact in their markets, communities, and within Florida.

“This group of business owners represents the remarkable second-stage businesses operating across the state of Florida,” says Jennifer Taylor, president, and CEO of GrowFL. “They demonstrate the agility, perseverance, and innovation needed to take their business to the next level. GrowFL is proud to support Florida’s second-stage entrepreneurs and help to play a part in recognizing their success.”

In order to qualify for the award, companies must have between six and 150 employees. Companies must also have revenue between $750,000 and $100 million in 2021.

The honorees for this year’s award will be announced in October. The 12th Annual GrowFL Florida Companies to Watch awards celebration will take place on February 23, 2023.

Please visit US Glass Magazine to read the article in its entirety.

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Our Glass Blog Post

What Makes Our Glass So Special?

What Makes Our Glass So Special?

We Believe In A Better Way To Service Our Customers Who Refuse To Compromise On Quality & Price.

MY Architectural Glass offers a low-iron glass called Ultra-Clear Glass, which has a brilliantly clear, neutral color that offers incredible aesthetic benefits. 

Our glass manufacturing plant (D3 Glass), located right here in Southwest Florida, is the backbone of our company. D3 Glass houses a glass library with multiple glass thicknesses, clarities, and patterns to ensure our customer’s project needs can be met in a timely fashion. Glass coming through D3 can be tempered or laminated to meet specific code requirements for your project.

One of the most popular products used by MY Architectural Glass is Ultra-Clear, low-iron glass, which has a brilliant crystal-clear look that offers incredible aesthetic benefits. Ultra-Clear Glass can help bring the wow factor to any project and provides an unobstructed view between spaces. Ultra-Clear glass has become a top choice for interior designers and decorators because it creates the illusion of a space being larger than it is.

My Switchlite On
My Switch Lite Off

MY Switchlite Glass

MY Architectural Glass offers many other exceptional glass products, including MY Switchlite Glass, our flagship switchable glass product. Switchable glass is becoming more popular in the custom home and design market as it allows the glass to change from clear to privacy with the flip of a “switch.”

Switchable Glass is a laminated product with an interlayer permanently bonded between two pieces of glass that are activated by an electrostatic pulse. When the switch is off, the glass is in a privacy state. When the switch is turned on, the glass immediately becomes clear. We invite you to visit our Naples Showroom to see Switchable Glass on display.

MY Ultra-Clear Glass

MY Ultra-Clear Glass is a low-iron product that has a crystal-clear appearance.

Many factors distinguish one type of clear glass from another. Firstly, the sand used to make low iron glass passes under a powerful electro-magnet where large percentages of iron are extracted giving the glass more clarity and less of a greenish hue in color. The thicker the standard glass, the greener the hue. Modifying the iron content can increase the light transparency by 6%.

Secondly, low-Iron glass has become a top choice for interior designers and decorators. This glass is also very popular in the hospitality industry where it is vital to give the bathroom the illusion of being larger than it is.

MY Architectural Glass offers both “standard clear” and Ultra-Clear (low iron) glass in both thicknesses of heavy glass.

Our sister company, MY Shower Door uses My Ultra-Clear Glass to design and manufacture gorgeous custom shower doors and shower panels. Visit MY Shower Door to see examples of MY Ultra-Clear Glass examples.
  • Ultra-Clear Glass 1

  • Ultra-Clear Glass 2

  • Glass Wine Closet

    Glass Wine Closet

  • Downstairs Glass Railing

    Downstairs Glass Railing

  • Office Partitions Hallway

  • Office Partition

  • Glass Office Cubicles

We strive for perfection in every aspect of our business.

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Morning Chat with Keith Daubmann

Morning Chat with Keith Daubmann Regarding Social Media

Morning Chat with Keith Daubmann Regarding Social Media, specifically LinkedIn

In this episode, Keith Daubmann discusses how social media and specifically LinkedIn is an amazing resource and networking tool he uses to locate & hire local talent, collaborate with skilled labor, and build rapport with potential customers and clients.

Keith discusses three main ways he uses social media to achieve many of his business goals.

  1. Firstly, he states that you must message people in a genuine and authentic way to build a connection.

    As the saying goes, “You get one chance at a great first impression.” His approach is quite simple. He begins by introducing himself in a relaxed fashion. (Hey Mike. It’s great to be connected to you. I’m Keith.)

    Next, he creates a connecting point between himself and that person. “I noticed that we shared a background in the glass industry, and it would be great to hop on a call to learn more about each other and how we can support one another here on LinkedIn.”

    Finally, he finishes with a simple CTA (Call To Action). “Do you have any time this or next week for a call or Zoom?”

  2. Provide value-added content on a consistent basis.

    Instead of chasing the mighty dollar, give as much value as you can each week in the form of thought-provoking posts, videos, and articles. Over time, this will absolutely help bridge the gap between the problems your ideal clients have, with the solutions you can then provide them.

    Don’t overthink the process. Just give, give, give, as often as you can and watch it all come back to you ten-fold.

  3. Post LinkedIn Polls that truly are based on market research to solve problems that business owners, potential job seekers, or potential customers might have.

    The market research that you can obtain by using LinkedIn Poll Questions the right way is unbelievable. You will never know what someone is struggling with unless you ask. One of the best ways to do this is by asking a great question that prompts great responses. When you leverage polls the right way on LinkedIn, you will never, ever run out of content to speak on ever.

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Keith Daubmann on SWFL Business Podcast

Articles & Press

Keith Daubmann featured on
SWFL Business Podcast, Ep. 2

The SWFL Business Podcast, where we interview business owners in the Southwest Florida area to learn about their business and where they’re heading. Today’s guest is Keith Daubmann from MY Shower Door and MY Architectural Glass.

He shares their most recent upgrade, the autoclave, and what its impact will be on the company, the local labor force, and the glass industry as a whole. This is no small machine and no easy feat, so we dive into the possible risks that come with this scale of investment, and what they’re doing to mitigate that. This has great insights for any companies looking to scale.

Keith is also a master at social media, so we dive into the unconsidered benefits of creating and building a brand on social platforms, and what types of opportunities this opens up.

Connect with Keith on LinkedIn.

Show Keith some love on Instagram @myarchitechturalglass

Check out the MSD jobs available here:

Also, please support SWFL Business Podcast @swflpodcasts

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MY Architectural Glass works closely with our customers for both residential and commercial applications and is fully licensed and insured to work anywhere in the State of Florida and beyond.

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