Hurricane Ian MY Shower Door & MY Archiectural Glass employee relief fund

Some of our employees lost a substantial amount with Hurricane Ian; their homes, vehicles, medicine, clothing, food, children’s toys, etc. Please onsider donating.

Many people have reached out to help and ask what they can do to help us. While we are ok as a company, our staff needs your help. Many have lost their residences, autos, clothing, and food. Any and all donations will be distributed by me, personally.

I want to thank you in advance for anything that you can do to help. The link will open our page and you can view the items we can provide and what we will do if we have an excess. All funds will go to help others in Lee County.

Hurricane Ian Damage

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MY Architectural Glass works closely with our customers for both residential and commercial applications and is fully licensed and insured to work anywhere in the State of Florida and beyond.

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