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What Makes Our Glass So Special?

We Believe In A Better Way To Service Our Customers Who Refuse To Compromise On Quality & Price.

MY Architectural Glass offers a low-iron glass called Ultra-Clear Glass, which has a brilliantly clear, neutral color that offers incredible aesthetic benefits. 

Our glass manufacturing plant (D3 Glass), located right here in Southwest Florida, is the backbone of our company. D3 Glass houses a glass library with multiple glass thicknesses, clarities, and patterns to ensure our customer’s project needs can be met in a timely fashion. Glass coming through D3 can be tempered or laminated to meet specific code requirements for your project.

One of the most popular products used by MY Architectural Glass is Ultra-Clear, low-iron glass, which has a brilliant crystal-clear look that offers incredible aesthetic benefits. Ultra-Clear Glass can help bring the wow factor to any project and provides an unobstructed view between spaces. Ultra-Clear glass has become a top choice for interior designers and decorators because it creates the illusion of a space being larger than it is.

My Switch Lite Off
My Switchlite On

MY Switchlite Glass

MY Architectural Glass offers many other exceptional glass products, including MY Switchlite Glass, our flagship switchable glass product. Switchable glass is becoming more popular in the custom home and design market as it allows the glass to change from clear to privacy with the flip of a “switch.”

Switchable Glass is a laminated product with an interlayer permanently bonded between two pieces of glass that are activated by an electrostatic pulse. When the switch is off, the glass is in a privacy state. When the switch is turned on, the glass immediately becomes clear. We invite you to visit our Naples Showroom to see Switchable Glass on display.

MY Ultra-Clear Glass

MY Ultra-Clear Glass is a low-iron product that has a crystal-clear appearance.

Many factors distinguish one type of clear glass from another. Firstly, the sand used to make low iron glass passes under a powerful electro-magnet where large percentages of iron are extracted giving the glass more clarity and less of a greenish hue in color. The thicker the standard glass, the greener the hue. Modifying the iron content can increase the light transparency by 6%.

Secondly, low-Iron glass has become a top choice for interior designers and decorators. This glass is also very popular in the hospitality industry where it is vital to give the bathroom the illusion of being larger than it is.

MY Architectural Glass offers both “standard clear” and Ultra-Clear (low iron) glass in both thicknesses of heavy glass.

Our sister company, MY Shower Door uses My Ultra-Clear Glass to design and manufacture gorgeous custom shower doors and shower panels. Visit MY Shower Door to see examples of MY Ultra-Clear Glass examples.
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We strive for perfection in every aspect of our business.