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Glass Office & Conference Room Enclosures/Partitions

The Future of Home Offices

The shift toward remote work in many industries is continuing to drive homeowners to re-think the setup and design of their home office. Utilizing interior glass as a separation between spaces has become a very popular option.

Glass partitions act as a noise barrier between spaces while keeping sightlines open. Glass doors can be either sliding or pivot style to enhance the overall office partition design.

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Hamel Office Partition

01 – Home Office

Glass Office Enclosure

02 – Office Enclosures from the hallway

Innovative Work Area Solutions

Redefining Business Spaces

Many businesses are renovating their office spaces by replacing physical walls with glass as well as adding fully enclosed glass conference space for employee meetings. Not only does this allow employees to feel more connected, but the entire office space also feels larger and more inviting. The possibilities are endless when considering glass office enclosures or partitions in the business space.
  • Glass Office Cubicles

    Office Frosted Glass Cubicles

  • Glass Office Partition profile

    Glass Office Partition

  • Office Partitions Hallway

    Office Partitions View from Hallway

  • Glass Conference Room Partition 4

    Glass Conference Room Partition

  • Office Partition with frosted glass bands

    Office Partition with frosted glass bands

  • Office Partitions

    Multiple Office Partitions

  • Shipping Container Glass Office Partition

    Shipping Container Glass Office Partition

  • Frosted Glass Office Partition

    Frosted Glass Office Partition

  • Glass Conference Room Enclosures

    Multiple Glass Conference Room Enclosures

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Do you have a unique glass application?

Because we own a glass manufacturing facility right here in Southwest Florida, we can collaborate and create unique designs to meet almost any application. Our products are designed specifically for you.

MY Architectural Glass

MY Architectural Glass offers custom architectural glass design solutions, such as interior and exterior glass railings, interior glass entry doors, exterior wind-screen systems, elaborate staircases, cabinetry and shelving, wine closets, and cellars, office partitions, and backsplashes. Our architectural glass systems are designed and installed with an emphasis on brilliance, durability, and functionality.

MY Architectural Glass works closely with our customers for both residential and commercial applications and is fully licensed and insured to work anywhere in the State of Florida and beyond.

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