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Spiral Staircase Glass Railing
Interior & Exterior

Glass Railings

Designed for both elegance and simplicity, glass railings can completely transform any space while providing a strong, safe alternative to the typical wood or metal railing system.

MY Architectural Glass has the knowledge and expertise to consult, measure, manufacture, and install intricate glass stair railing systems. All railing systems have unique structural and code requirements and the team at MY Architectural Glass has the experience and know-how to navigate through those challenges. Using the correct glass and hardware for the right application will give your project the beauty and support needed for safety and aesthetics.

We have designed and installed glass railings for interior and exterior staircases, lofts, pool decks, balconies, and lanais. Glass railings not only enhance the architectural design of a home, but they can open up a seemingly confined area or provide an unobstructed view that was previously blocked.

We manufacture our own glass, and therefore we can custom design glass railings in almost any shape or size to match your vision. The experienced team at MY Architectural Glass can help turn your imagination into reality.

Interior Glass Railings

Modern Elegance Meets Safety

Traditional railings obscure your view. They close you off from the space you designed and hamper the aesthetic vibe of your home or office. With glass, you can enjoy the safety a railing provides while maintaining the beauty of the architecture.

For most residential applications, tempered glass is the most common choice. While most interior railing systems do not require laminated glass, there are reasons why one could consider the application appropriate.

In commercial spaces and upper-level balcony situations, laminated glass gives the occupants peace of mind in the event of glass breakage, as the inner layer of lamination holds the exterior panels of glass in place to prevent damage or injury below.

Interior Glass Railings can be designed with or without a top cap. The mounting hardware for the glass is also customizable. Posts, standoffs, u-channel, and base shoes are all common mounting hardware used for interior glass railing installations.

We have multiple photos of installations in our portfolio that showcase these options. Our goal is to ensure that all options available for your unique glass railing application are explained and understood to guarantee the design we propose matches your expectations.

Interior Office Glass Railing
Ferrari Home Interior Staircase Railing
Ferrari Home Interior Staircase Railing

01 – Interior Staircase Railing

Top View Interior Glass Railing

03 – Top View Interior Staircase Railing

Ground Floor Staircase Glass Railing

02 – Illuminated Staircase with Custom Glass Railing

Exterior Glass Railing House Profile

Exterior Glass Railings

Exterior glass railings bring a contemporary feel to any outdoor space making the space feel large and continuous while providing a safety barrier. One of the biggest benefits of glass railings is the unobstructed view of the surroundings that remains intact.

Whether a commercial or residential application, MY Architectural Glass can provide the proper specifications and materials to get the job done safely and correctly. Our experienced staff will be able to guide you toward a perfect installation, using the proper glass, inner layer, and structural support hardware.

Glass selections choices range from clear, low iron clear, bronze, or grey tint and different thicknesses. Inner layers vary and depend on application of use, but MY Architectural Glass has all the necessary components to make it compliant.

Utilizing Ultra-Clear, low iron glass for your glass railing ensures a transparent look that also increases the value of a home. Glass railings are easy to maintain, tough and durable, and can withstand extreme weather conditions. In many cases, glass railing systems are safer and offer greater benefits than traditional railing systems.

Explore Glass Railings

Browse through our photos of completed glass railing projects over the years. We understand that every application is unique and invite you to contact us to collaborate on your glass railing project. You can visit us in person in our Naples Showroom or call us at (239) 288-5583 to schedule an on-site visit.

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    Do you have a unique glass application?

    Because we own a glass manufacturing facility right here in Southwest Florida, we can collaborate and create unique designs to meet almost any application. Our products are designed specifically for you.