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Morning Chat with Keith Daubmann Regarding Social Media, specifically LinkedIn

In this episode, Keith Daubmann discusses how social media and specifically LinkedIn is an amazing resource and networking tool he uses to locate & hire local talent, collaborate with skilled labor, and build rapport with potential customers and clients.

Keith discusses three main ways he uses social media to achieve many of his business goals.

  1. Firstly, he states that you must message people in a genuine and authentic way to build a connection.

    As the saying goes, “You get one chance at a great first impression.” His approach is quite simple. He begins by introducing himself in a relaxed fashion. (Hey Mike. It’s great to be connected to you. I’m Keith.)

    Next, he creates a connecting point between himself and that person. “I noticed that we shared a background in the glass industry, and it would be great to hop on a call to learn more about each other and how we can support one another here on LinkedIn.”

    Finally, he finishes with a simple CTA (Call To Action). “Do you have any time this or next week for a call or Zoom?”

  2. Provide value-added content on a consistent basis.

    Instead of chasing the mighty dollar, give as much value as you can each week in the form of thought-provoking posts, videos, and articles. Over time, this will absolutely help bridge the gap between the problems your ideal clients have, with the solutions you can then provide them.

    Don’t overthink the process. Just give, give, give, as often as you can and watch it all come back to you ten-fold.

  3. Post LinkedIn Polls that truly are based on market research to solve problems that business owners, potential job seekers, or potential customers might have.

    The market research that you can obtain by using LinkedIn Poll Questions the right way is unbelievable. You will never know what someone is struggling with unless you ask. One of the best ways to do this is by asking a great question that prompts great responses. When you leverage polls the right way on LinkedIn, you will never, ever run out of content to speak on ever.

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