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Keith Daubmann featured on
SWFL Business Podcast, Ep. 2

The SWFL Business Podcast, where we interview business owners in the Southwest Florida area to learn about their business and where they’re heading. Today’s guest is Keith Daubmann from MY Shower Door and MY Architectural Glass.

He shares their most recent upgrade, the autoclave, and what its impact will be on the company, the local labor force, and the glass industry as a whole. This is no small machine and no easy feat, so we dive into the possible risks that come with this scale of investment, and what they’re doing to mitigate that. This has great insights for any companies looking to scale.

Keith is also a master at social media, so we dive into the unconsidered benefits of creating and building a brand on social platforms, and what types of opportunities this opens up.

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MY Architectural Glass

MY Architectural Glass offers custom architectural glass design solutions, such as interior and exterior glass railings, interior glass entry doors, exterior wind-screen systems, elaborate staircases, cabinetry and shelving, wine closets, and cellars, office partitions, and backsplashes. Our architectural glass systems are designed and installed with an emphasis on brilliance, durability, and functionality.

MY Architectural Glass works closely with our customers for both residential and commercial applications and is fully licensed and insured to work anywhere in the State of Florida and beyond.

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