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Glass Railings

My Architectural Glass has established itself as an industry leader in Glass Railings and installation. Experienced and knowledgeable in both residential and commercial applications, My Architectural Glass works closely with our customers throughout the entire process. Contact My Architectural Glass for more examples of our work and to learn how we’ve earned the trust of countless valued customers.


Office Partitions

Glass office partitions are becoming increasingly popular in commercial office settings. Professionally installed floor to ceiling glass walls provide customers a contemporary alternative to standard walled offices. Glass partitions allow occupants to enjoy an enhanced feeling of spaciousness, an increase in natural light and improved soundproofing over normal walled offices. My Architectural Glass brings customers a renewed sense of richness to any office setting.

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Wine Closets

My Architectural Glass' wine closets are designed, manufactured and installed with an emphasis on brilliance, durability and functionality. Often constructed using Low Iron Glass, luxury wine closets are growing in popularity for their function and luxury. My Architectural Glass sales professionals are qualified to offer guidance with the difficult task of choosing the perfect hardware to compliment any wine closet.

Back Splash

Back painted backsplashes are a designer's dream. There is nothing more sleek and contemporary than a back painted glass backsplash to complement your kitchen, bathroom or wet bar areas. Designers, decorators and architects love this option as the glass can have custom colors applied giving an incredible, customized effect. The glass allows for easy cleaning with no grout lines or areas where potential staining could occur . Ask our specialist for a personalized estimate.

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MY Idea Boards

My Idea Boards can be customized with a wide variety of colors, sizes and mounting options to cater to any application. Whether it’s for jotting down grocery lists in the kitchen, projecting movies in the den or creating “to do” lists in the office, My Idea Boards offer a contemporary alternative to traditional white board options.

My Idea Boards can help inspire your next great idea!